McDonald’s Monopoly Australia 2023 – All You Need to Know

Starting on Wednesday, September 6, 2023, McDonald’s in Australia is bringing back McDonald’s Monopoly, offering a staggering $786 million in prizes.

McDonald’s Monopoly Australia 2023 Prizes

This year’s Monopoly boasts a total prize pool of $786,673,051.44, a substantial increase of $200 million compared to last year’s $586 million. Participants can anticipate winning various exciting prizes, including an Izuzu Mu-X LS-T, a $25,000 EFTPOs Gift Card, Free Fuel for a Year, and much more. For a comprehensive list of prizes, please refer to the provided link.

There are two ways to secure a win: Instant Wins, where one in four tickets guarantees an instant prize, and Collect to Win properties. Instant Wins can grant you Food Prizes like Big Macs, McMuffins, and Sundaes, as well as Non-Food Prizes like Free Days Out and Free Hobby Sessions.

The Collect to Win properties offer a chance to win major prizes by collecting the full set of Monopoly properties from one color group.

Getting Game Tickets

To obtain game tickets, individuals need to purchase specific McDonald’s products listed below. A Medium meal purchase earns you two tickets, while a Large meal purchase earns you four tickets. Additionally, purchasing a value meal with certain burgers or salads can earn you extra tickets.

Game Tickets Purchase the following McDonald’s products
1 Medium Soft Drink/Thickshake/Orange Juice, Medium Fries, 10 Nuggets, Hot Cakes, Medium McCafe Beverage, Hash Brown, Classic Angus, BBQ Angus, McSpicy, Double McSpicy, Cheese & Bacon McSpicy, Chicken Deluxe
2 Large Soft Drink/Thickshake/Orange Juice, Large Fries, 20 Nuggets, McFlurry, Large McCafe Beverage, Any Chicken Salad
4 40 Nuggets

Double Plays

In 2023, some selected items no longer have both physical tickets on the packaging; one must be redeemed via the app, as detailed under “Double Plays.”

For the 2023 Monopoly edition, selected menu items with two game tickets will have one ticket as usual and another that must be redeemed digitally through the MyMacca’s app. There’s no separate Monopoly app this year; you can play by scanning your tickets directly through the MyMacca’s app.

Monopoly App 

This year, there’s no separate Monopoly app – you can scan your tickets and play directly through the mymacca’s app.

You need the app to scan your tickets as there’s no longer a website where you can enter your tickets.

To access the Monopoly features on the mymacca’s app, click the ‘Play Now’ banner on the main app page or click the ‘Monopoly’ button on the bottom menu.

To download the mymacca’s app, click this link to download the iOS app, and click this link for the Android app.

The Chest, Chance Tickets & Second Chance

The Chest and Chance Tickets make a return this year, offering additional chances to win. Scanning Chance tickets through the app reveals your property or prize. The Chest allows you to unlock it after scanning every five property tickets, giving you a 1 in 5 opportunity to win instantly. Plus, every scanned ticket qualifies you for the Second Chance Draw, with prizes worth over $250 to be drawn on December 7, 2023.

3 Bonus Chance Cards with MyMacca’s Rewards Points

Players can also earn three Bonus Chance Cards with MyMacca’s Rewards Points when playing the Monopoly Game at Macca’s. These digital chance cards automatically appear in your in-game stash within seven days.

Collect to Win Prize Table / Rare Tickets

To win Collect to Win Prizes, you’ll need to collect a full property set. Each property set includes one rare ticket, which is essential for winning the prize. The rest are common tickets, giving you a chance to open The Chest and enter the Second Chance Draw.

This year, you’ll need the game board and the following tickets to win the “Collect to Win prizes”:

Collect one Ticket for each of these Monopoly properties Rare Ticket Colour of Tickets Collect to Win Prize Value of Each Max Collect to Win Prizes
Leicester Square
Coventry Street 
Piccadilly (rare)
Piccadilly Yellow $10,000 Amart Furniture eGift Card $10,000 1
Park Lane (rare)
Park Lane Dark Blue Find X5 Smart Phone $1,199 5
The Strand
Fleet Street (rare)
Trafalgar  Square
Fleet Street Red $10,000 Amazon eGift Card $10,000 1
Bow Street
Marlborough Street (rare)
Vine Street
Marlborough Street Orange Free Fuel for a Year with Ampol $10,000 1
Regent Street (rare)
Oxford Street
Bond Street
Regent Street Green ISUZU MU-X LS-T $75,014.12 1
The Angel, Islington
Euston Road (rare)
Pentonville Road
 Euston Road Light Blue 10 Night South Pacific Cruise $8,000 5
Pall Mall
Whitehall (rare)
Northumberland Avenue
Whitehall Purple Weber Family Q + Premium Family BBQ $999 30
Marylebone Station
Kings Cross Station
Liverpool St Station
Fenchurch St Station (rare)
Fenchurch St Station  Stations Eftpos $25,000 EGift Card $25,000 1
Old Kent Road (rare)
Whitechapel Road
Old Kent Road Brown Google TV & Soundbar $4,698 10

More Info

The Monopoly promotion begins on September 7, 2023, and continues until October 24, 2023. To participate, you’ll need the Monopoly at Macca’s app, available for iOS and Android.

For the most up-to-date information on McDonald’s Monopoly and to download the app, please refer to the provided links. Enjoy the game, and don’t forget to share your ticket details in the comments!

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